Introduction to Wine Appreciation 

There are so many different wines out there! So many types and styles to choose from! 
Do you ever wonder what it all means? 
Our Introduction to wine appreciation will open the doors to many of the questions the NEW WINE FAN may be asking. In a relaxed and enjoyable setting, we will explore many of the big factors that influence a wine's style, quality and price.The topics we will cover will include:      
     How is wine made, and where does it come from?      
     What difference does the grape make?
     How to read a wine label.
     What difference does glassware make? How to start a cellar collection.
     Does food and wine pairing make a difference?
     How can you tell the difference between top quality and low.     
     And, does price make a difference? 
We will discuss this and much more as we taste through a delicious range of wines highlighting the many quality choices from around the world.
And best of all, at the end of the class, there is no test! 
Bring your friends and come down to enjoy a night of introduction into the wonderful world of appreciating wine! 
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